About Us

Hello and welcome to Brainbox Communications.

Creativity is our life blood... And that means we start every job with a blank sheet of paper and an open mind. As our client you can expect lots of hard work from us, a determination to see you succeed and a passion for delivering inspirational ideas in the most effective way to deliver your message powerfully.

Brain Box Communications is a Joint Venture of E-powerz Multimedia and Mind'z Eye Design Studio. E-powerz Multimedia was established in 2004 by Mr. Anand Gajjar [Bachelor of Fine Art], the company earned very good success in the Graphic & Web Designing Industry. At the same, Mind'z Eye Design Studio was established in 2006 by Miss. Jarna Sanghavi [Bachelor of Commercial Art], who she have a excellent knowledge in Advertising & concept designing and have done successfully lots of creative projects with clients appreciation. Brain Box Communications has formed in 2012 and has been working with companies of all shapes, sizes and flavours. Because we create communication strategies, design and PR solutions, Advertising Concept and Printing needs that really work, our clients have enjoyed measurable improvements to their business performance and enhanced their target audience perception.

Brain Box Communications is providing a complete advertising solution like Hordings, Glowsign, Indoor Branding, Outdoor Branding, Road Show, Exhibition Stall, Institutional Events, Corporate Events, Canopy, Umbrella, Standy, Cutout Standy, Corporate Gifts, Corporate Dispensers/Rack etc. We are a manufacturer of canopy, umbrella, standy, corporate gifts and dispensers/rack.


Because no one ever says to think small...
It's go big or go home in our eyes. How else do you expect your brand to make an impact in today's saturated mass media? It's our mission to always "Think Big." From the moment we pour our first cup of coffee, to the last email we send that day, we make sure that we live these words every day.


We believe there is power behind big ideas...
The power to inspire individuals and incite cultural change. As the people who create and disseminate messages every day through public communication channels, we believe that it's our duty to create advertising that is effective, meaningful, and beautiful… Ideas that provoke, entertain and engage. We also believe in happy hour, at least once a week.


Harvesting big ideas through innovation, collaboration, and imagination. We then learn, through research, what is happening in your marketplace, including extensive scrutiny at what your competitors are doing, and at what the market trends are and are likely to be in the future.

All of this is carried out with a view to creating marketing communications campaigns that help its clients stand apart from the crowd and not just to achieve objectives, but to over achieve them.


Everyone promises results...We deliver!